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Tag: eritrea

The real Eritrea and its leaders

እዉነተኛው ኤርትራ ይህን ይመስላል። አቅም የሌላቸው መሪ..

Eritrea-Ethiopia relations and indefinite military service

Summary: Ending the “state of war” between Ethiopia and Eritrea has changed very little. T..

Eritrea’s Capital Is Lovely. But Scratch the Surface and You’ll Find a Terrifying Reality

ASMARA, Eritrea – The streets in the city center are spotless. There’s very little traffic..

  • News
  • April 5, 2019

የኢሰያስ አፍወርቂ ድራማዎች

በአሁኑ ወቅት በኤርትራ ዉስጥ እንደሚታየው ኢሰያስ የተለ..

Isaias Afwerki: Redressing Self-imposed Betrayal Wounds.

As many online published papers suggest that Isaias Afwerki was operating as a CIA agent or Hai..

Eritrea and Tigray Relation

ብዙ ሰዎች የትግራይ እና የኤርትራ  ህዝቦች አንድ ናቸው ሲ..

Importation Tax Calculator

Calculate  your importation tax to Ethiopia

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